Rundlet-May House

Dining Room Intro

The dining room features a call button, in the floor, to call to the staff if there is a need for something at the dining table for guests. Cut glass is nearby on the sideboard to accompany any meal.

Cut Glass from England and Ireland was an important fixture of any table setting in stylish homes in nineteenth century America. It’s popularity increased rapidly through advertisements in newspapers and catalogues.

The room is decorated with engravings from the War of 1812. These serve as a reminder of James Rundlet’s ability to keep his business and family prosperous during the war; his woolen mills Salmon Falls, New Hampshire and Amesbury, Massachusetts produced wool for uniforms during a time of great uncertainty. 

Adjoining the dining room is a narrow passageway with built in closet to hold many of the Rundlets’ porcelain service including export tableware for everyday use and entertaining.