Rundlet-May House

James Hales Plan, 1812

This plan rendered by J. G. Hales in 1812 depicts the Rundlets’ house as a typical Neoclassical building of its time, with an L-shaped wing extending out the back of the house.  Orchards comprised some of the garden plan, which is a regimented partitioning of room-like settings with pathways.  The pathways are still maintained today, so even though this plan is somewhat idealised and pared down in the rendering, it demonstrates that the layout of the grounds and pathways have not changed much since the plan originated in 1812. On the plan is also depicted a fence that runs between the house and drive, and drive and fence in the service yard. Lombardy poplars may have been planted in front of the house, with lilacs framing the rear of the property.  The plan also depicts the house before the Summer Kitchen (Scullery) was added on.