Rundlet-May House

Accessing the Privy

A door to the rear of the kitchen opens outside to an outdoor covered corridor, that leads through a long hallway in the connecting ell-carriage barn to the privy—there was a wallpapered “family” privy and a more private single privy for use, without having to go outside to a separate outbuilding.

Getting to the Outbuildings

No Need to Go Outside

Just Steps Away

In this exterior view you can see the covered passages that lead to the privy and the barn, allowing access without ever stepping outside. Click the hot spots to see interior views.

Back Kitchen

Back door off the kitchen opens to corridor.

Privies located in this corner section.

This passageway to the right of the privy originally connected to the barn.

Carriage barn

Signed barn wall bearing the name George Rundlet Sept 30 1850.

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